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Fallout 3 – The Game — Struggle to Survive Continues

June 16, 2017 by littlewhitelie

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fallout shelter hack is furious action-role playing game released by Bethesda game studios.

As the game begins in the Year 1977 after the nuclear war, Fallout 3 sets the player in the role of an inhabitant, Lone Wanderer of Vault 101– a survival shelter designed to protect a small number of humans from the nuclear fallout. The journey of the player begins when his father, James is found to be missing under mysterious circumstances and the player is forced to escape from the Burial container.

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The story moves to the ruins of the Washington D. C where the gamer travel through, in the mission to find his missing dad. A cleverly veiled character creation and tutorial sequence sets the backdrop from the story. The actual gameplay features include real-time combat and first or third person perspective, in contrast to the previous games, which were turn-based and of equal measure. Skills and Perks are similar to those in previous games. Abilities can be gradually assigned up to 100 points and give players increasing degrees of ability.

 fallout shelter hack

At one stage, the player tracks James to Vault 112, and frees him from a virtual reality program being run by the Vault’s corrupt Overseer. So the action starts, as the gamer trespassed into the Vault, leading himself to defend against the armour of the guards. Here the gamer will encounter various factions, including the Brotherhood of Steel, a group of technology-grasping survivors from the American west coast. As the adventure continues, the player has to reach their destination in order to survive from his enemies.

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