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How to Use Free People Finders

June 15, 2017 by littlewhitelie

Step 1: Use Zabasearch to find your friend or family. All you need to do is key in or enter their name and the state they live in. This is one site that is really great in finding people.

Step 2: Use if you want to search for an old high school or college fried. This site is free when signing up but if you want to contact a friend you can opt to join or not. On the other hand, if they are on classmates, your chance of finding them online is going to be greater.

kik usernames4

Step 3: Use Google or Yahoo and enter the real name of the person you want to find. If you also know the state that they are currently living in, enter it with their name as well. You may also search them with the name of their company if you know the workplace that he is in since a lot of companies have online directories so you may have a great chance of finding them here.

Step 4: If you know the username of the person that you want to find, you may want to check kik usernames and find where he might be registered in.

Step 5: If you are having a hard time finding on the steps provided above, the best place that you can go to is and search for the name of the person you want to find and it will instantly search for it on the different networking sites like Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, etc. as you might have a greater chance of finding them here since a lot of people are into social networking these days.

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