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Games Using Chopsticks

June 15, 2017 by littlewhitelie

For these games you will need Chinese chopsticks (kebab sticks or even a couple of pencils could be used if you have a hard time finding chopsticks). You could also try your local Chinese takeout to grab some chopsticks. As awards you can use martial arts designations like “Blackbelt in Chopsticks.” (Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, Green Belt, Brown Belt, Black Belt)

Chopsticks & ping pong ball relay- give every team member a pair of chopsticks and line them up in a row. With one hand behind their backs, team members must pass a ping pong ball down the line. The first team to pass the ball to the end of the line wins.

Chopstick Transfer- For this game you will need a pair of Chopsticks, a bowl & Plate for each team. You will also need some items to pick up with chopsticks. Marshmallows or cotton balls are easy, but you can also use peanuts, uncooked rice grains, peas, beans, jelly means, M&ms, ice cubes, small candies, popcorn, peanuts, and even marbles. Set a timer or stopwatch for 1 Minute. See how many Items can be transferred from the Bowl to the plate in 1 Minute using the chopsticks in one hand only. Who ever can transfer the most in that time Wins. Alternatively put different items in the bowl with more difficult items being with more points.

dice tower design2

On the Hook- In this game, contestants must hold a chopstick in their mouth, attached to a piece of string and an open paper clip. The contestant has to fish 4 keys off a stand (or stool) within 60 seconds. Alternatively, the Team to get all four in the fastest time wins.

Chopstick Pickup Dash- Played like “chopstick transfer”, place the bowl and plate about eight feet apart. Some objects are easier to carry than others. Each youth’s bowl should contain the same number of items. Using only their chopsticks, dice tower design¬†carry the items from the bowl to the plate. Each team member takes a turn carrying an item before handing the chopsticks off to the next player.

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